Select from our catalogue & mark your travel dates. We recommend a jacket and a heated vest for each person. Choose your delivery option (self-collect at 11 Coldwear outlets, door-to-door, ParknParcel) make a security deposit, refunded upon return. Enjoy your trip, and when you are back home safely, you can send the jacket back via the delivery method you opted for.

See a jacket you love? Click on the small heart or Add to Wishlist. This saves your favourites so that you can find the jackets at ease on a later occasion.

We have an assortment of styles, from fashion brands like Guess and Fila, to winter wear brands like Coldwear. However, we know that functionality should never be compromised to look good! Remember to check the measurements to find the right fit, and buffer enough space from the layers you will wear underneath. Slightly oversized is trendy, better than if it’s too tight and uncomfortable! 

You will receive your jacket or vest two days before your departure, so you will have ample time to try and exchange. If you have opted for self-collection at Coldwear, you can try on the piece first. If there are alternative pieces available at the store, you can swap the piece. If not, you can head down to our HQ at NUS to swap.

When users return rented pieces, we carry out rigorous scrutiny and checks to ensure that the piece is in good condition. Then, we send the pieces for a thorough washing before listing the piece back on our site.

Laundry would be done by Igloo Wear, and every piece is carefully dry-cleaned or cold washed by Duo Nini.

For each piece, there will be a $150 security deposit which would be used to cover the cost of damages and missing items. Upon return of the pieces, $150 deposit will be returned to you. The rental cost of the jacket would be on top of the deposit amount.

If you are renting in a bulk, leave us an email in advance to enquire!

Your information will be kept confidential and will only be used to provide you with our service.

To drop it off at Coldwear retailers, you can do so within 2 days after your rental period. For Park N Parcel and door to door delivery, the delivery should be scheduled the next working day after arrival in Singapore.

Send an email to the soonest you make plans. If you have yet to collect the jacket, your booking dates can be changed as per normal (normal day rates). If you have collected the jacket, additional days on top of the prior booking period will be charged 150% of the per-day rate as indicated in the listing.


There are three delivery options:

  1. Self-collection at 8 Coldwear retailers for free. Collection points:
    Central: Suntec City, Plaza Singapura, Orchard Gateway, United Square, 994 Bendemeer Road
    East: Changi City Point. Tampines
    West: IMM
  2. Delivery to the nearest pick-up point to your house via ParknParcel at $2.50 per trip. *Coming Soon!
  3. Scheduled door to door delivery at $4 per trip.

When you making a booking, you will be asked your return method. Choose from the three options mentioned above.

You can opt for express delivery (within 2 days of departure) at $20 surcharge. The quickest we can deliver the jacket to you would be at 24 hours notice, subject to availability.

Payment, Damages and Ownership

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There will be additional cost for delivery if you choose Park N Parcel or door to door. The security deposit will also be charged, and transferred back to you after return.

If the rental is cancelled within 2 days before collection, you will be charged 50% of the rental rate. If the rental is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, you can email us at to get a 100% refund, based on a case by case basis.

The pieces will be charged 150% of the per-day rates for additional days of delay. If the pro-rated rate is $4 for one day on top of 10 days trip, the late fee is $6 for each day of delay. These fees will be deducted from the $150 security deposit upon return of the piece.

For damaged pieces, the jacket still has to be returned. Damages will be assessed, and in the case of wear and tear, it will be waived. If it is the case of negligence, the cost of damages will be determined by Igloo Wear and deducted from the $150 security deposit. The maximum deduction is $150 for complete damage or missing piece.

Of course! Depending on the number of rentals each piece has been through and the retail price, discounts will be given. To enquire to keep the piece, you can email

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