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Going on a holiday somewhere cold soon? Don’t have the jackets or sweaters to brave the snow?  Look through our clothing selection to find something that suits you for your journey. No need to buy a one time jacket that, you will never use again. Simply rent it!

Find what suits you

Select your dates


Browse through our premier collection of winter apparel and pick the look you want.

Highlight the date you want your jacket by and let us know when you want to return it.

Just rent it! Check out your order!


Get your order

Choose how you receive your order


You can collect your clothes yourself any of the 8 Coldwear retail stores for free.


We'll deliver the clothes right to your door step for a small fee.​

Park N Parcel (Coming Soon!)

Delivery to the nearest pick-up point to your house via Park N Parcel at $2.50 per trip.

Stay Warm on Your Travels

Enjoy your holidays worry free. Take plenty of photos on your travels with our stylish selection accompanying you every step of the way.


When you get back from your travels, just return it to us with no extra effort. We’ll handle the cleaning.

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